Material Recycling

"TTMD products are made to represent our commitment to protecting and preserving the environment. A major aspect of that is constructing them from the most eco-friendly materials available with the most sustainable practices.
We learned a long time ago that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We continually research and test new materials to find the most feasible and eco-friendly ones to use in our products"
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Any product purchased from TTMD · CO can be sent back to us to be properly recycled. 

  • Reusing materials is always our priority
  • Biodegradable and specifically compostable materials such as leather and wood are composted in-house
  • Renewable materials like metal are cleaned and reused or sent to specialized recycling facilities 
  • Some materials are broken down, combined with a biodegradable polymer 
    and used to create recycled 3d printed products
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