Understanding the wider impact of our raw materials is very important to us and one way we try to accomplish that is by sourcing our materials from well researched, ethical and sustainable manufacturers.
By working with and learning from organizations focused on these issues, such as the Leather Working Group, who work on reducing the environmental impact of leather tanneries, we can further work towards minimizing our impact and maximizing our sustainability.


Our Eco-felt is produced from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic PET bottles and is available in select colors.

1 pound of our Eco-Felt is responsible for eliminating 12 water bottles of waste

Plastic PET containers are collected from local recycling centers and sorted according to composition and color. They are then stripped of labels and caps, washed, crushed and cut into small flakes. The flakes are melted and extruded into fibers which are then baled to create textiles. A variety of textiles can then be made from these recycled fibers such as felt.

Our Eco-Felt is light, breathable, water resistant & 100% recyclable.


Undyed. vegetable-tanned. 100% biodegradable.
Each of our leather products are unique. They are first laser cut and then meticulously finished by hand with natural oils to create a protective barrier.

Our leather products are cleaned after cutting and rehydrated with beeswax and other natural oils. This process allows the leather to breathe, retaining its natural elasticity, water resistance and self-healing properties. In cold and wet environments, the hydrophobic coating allows water to slide off and keep the insides dry.

All products are made entirely in Colorado using locally sourced materials whenever possible.


  Natural 100% sheep’s wool

Our wool felt is sourced from locally raised sheep. Sheep are first sheared to get piles of raw wool fiber and then cleaned. The wool is then carded or broken up into small pieces called wool roving. When heated, moisturized and agitated, the roving is able to compact and matte together to form pure wool felt. All of our wool felt is 100% sheep’s wool and not blended with any other fibers.

Our wool felt is naturally breathable, water resistant and as soft as the sheep it comes from.

Wool felt is made without any harm to the animals and is furthermore 100% biodegradable and recyclable.